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Designing when the world is watching…..

REST – Public Seating Design Competition

“In just over two years, the world's attention will be focused on Vancouver. Our public spaces and venues will be packed with thousands of visitors, all tired from enjoying all that the West Coast has to offer. These people will need a spot to REST and take it all in. What will they find themselves resting on? Will it be a simple bench, or something much more; something with style, presence and personality?”

The Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC), the Interior Design Institute of British Columbia (IDIBC) and the Interior Design Show West (IDSWEST) has challenged the design community of the West Coast to think outside the box and design unique products with relevant cultural significances.

In March 2008, my design of an Indoor/Outdoor Bench named “Friends” was submitted into the Public Seating Design Competition, along with submissions from 11 other chosen designers.

Design Team:

Ela, David and Daniel Rezmer

Prototype produced by:
Eric, Steven and Daniel Clegg

Support Team:
Andre’ Gerard, Andrew Rezmer and Mark Szarycz

Graphic Design:
Annia L. Maligranda

To engage, inspire and encourage the power of play and friendship.

The Bench mimics two people with open arms. Two movable heads and three rotating seats together with native motifs and authored quotes imprinted on the back rest will welcome and embrace visitors. The overall look invokes the image of athletes ready to engage.

The Bench can be ‘dressed up’ with different quotes, motifs, patterns and colours to suit a variety of environments, events and lifestyles.

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How it began:
I believe the foundation of family is friendship, play and love. I asked my children, David (15) and Daniel (12), if they would be part of creating a bench that would engage, inspire and encourage the power of play and friendship. The journey has unfolded into a path of strength and support for us and a journey of play and friendship for all those who have become involved.


The following is how my sons David and Daniel described “Friends”:

“Friends” by David Rezmer
"The power of friendship is like the bond between a child and its mother. Soft, caring, but also strong, and sturdy, it can overcome undefeatable obstacles and be an inspiration point for dreams and goals.

“Friends” by Daniel Rezmer
"Friendship is one of the most important things in my life."

Along the beach between English Bay and Spanish Banks, the place where Captain Vancouver met Captains Valdes and Captains Galiano in 1792, is an inscription by Kenneth Conibear, Kipling of the North: "Welcome stranger. Rest a while." Liking this inscription, but feeling a bit uncomfortable with the word ‘stranger’, I searched for another quote. My husband, Andrew, saw this quote by Rod McKuen: “Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.

The West Coast Native motifs used on the bench are approved and blessed by the elders of the Squamish First Nations.


Powder-coated steel tubular frame and wood circles: (easy to assemble and economical to maintain)
Different Options
Frame Circles Mounting

1. Cast iron
2. Brushed stainless steel

1. Cedar wood
2. Teak wood
3. HPL (High Pressure Laminate)
4. Rather than wood, 100% post consumer recycled plastic can be specified.

Stainless Steel Fastener and Plate bolted to the ground.

Assembly options:
Wooden sitting circles are mounted on swivel plates or could be installed permanently.
Tubular metal spines support two circular wooden “Heads” by three optional hardware attachments:

· Gooseneck
· Ball and socket
· Permanent installation


Additionally, for private clientele:
the tubular metal spine could also be telescopic.



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