Ela Rezmer Design

At our ELA REZMER DESIGN STUDIO Commercial + Residential Interiors /ERDS/ we take a project from the original concept to completion with extraordinary attention to detail and a strong work ethic.

ERDS is conscientious in all endeavours and has high standards of work integrity. Always working within budget and meeting deadlines. ERDS firmly believes that great design begins with deeper understanding of the needs of clients so, ERDS is committed to responding effectively and creatively to each project.


Ela Rezmer
interior designer

Ela’s design expertise is inspired by her deep understanding of the natural world. She excels in innovative solutions for complex projects. Ela believes that interior architecture of the highest quality supports and nurtures the well-being, productivity and performance of those who experience it. Therefore, Ela provides design excellence that caters to the functional, aesthetic and financial vision of her clients. 

Domestically and internationally, she has enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with world-renowned experts in architecture and interior design.

Ela has wide variety of education in the design field & she graduated with Master degree in Interior Architecture at Faculty of Architecture & Industrial Design of Academy of Fine Arts in Poland.

Highlights of Honours

REST Competition

To celebrate the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Ela Rezmer was chosen as one of 14 designers to create innovative public seating.

The Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC), the Interior Design Institute of British Columbia (IDIBC), and the Interior Design Show West (IDSWEST) challenged the design community of the West Coast to think outside the box and design a unique form of public seating for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Ela came up with an original and meaningful concept for public seating “Friends” and materialized it into a well-received outdoor bench. This project was exhibited at Vancouver Exhibition Center during Interior Design Show West (IDSWEST).


Spectacular Homes of
Western Canada

Ela’s work is featured in Spectacular Homes of Western Canada as one of the top designers in Western Canada.

This exclusive showcase is published by Panache Partners, LLC Plano, Texas USA.